Happiness is in the air at Open Door

03 Apr, 2017


Happiness was the topic at Open Door this past week.  Thirty participants were asked to think about something that made them happy in the past, as well as something that would make them happy in the future.  Everyone shared their experiences and wishes – sometimes at deeply personal levels.

One person was thrilled to share just how happy it made him to finally have his own place, a job, and to be able to sleep peacefully for a full eight hours in his own bed!

Another participant wished for the happiness of feeding his grandson in his high-chair in the future.

There were happy moments recalling spontaneous jokes told around a table leading to loud guffaws of laughter at Table Talk, and other happy moments shared of reuniting with a birth mother for the first time.

Open Door ended on a very high note with happiness permeating the room.    Feel free to come and share in Open Door happiness on Tuesday evenings.

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