MSCM receives 50% more than in 2013

09 Feb, 2015

Dear Friends and Supporters of MSCM,

In December, I announced a generous offer by an anonymous supporter of our work at MSCM, to boost year-end donations by an additional 50%.

It is with deeply-felt gratitude that I can report that your donations of $3,750 were boosted by an additional $1,875, for a total of $5,625 in response to this year-end appeal.  Added to other donations during 2014 of $2,827, this brought the total of private donations for 2014 to $8,452, about 50% more than in 2013.

What an encouragement this is, to know that in this time of heavy cuts in government support, the community we are, and whom we serve, appreciates so much and is willing to enable our work to this significant extent.  

Our thanks go to all who support MSCM in this, and in many other ways, all significant, and all essential.

Peter Huish

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