Open Door

31 May, 2012

What is Open Door? You could say it’s a place to chill, to forget about the rest of your day, a good temporary absence from prison or a chance to get out of the halfway house. Or you could be more formal and say it’s a reintegration activity where inmates who are nearing the end of their sentence and those who have already returned to the community regain their foothold in society.

Every week, Open Door is a little like Christmas: friends gather, refreshments are served and music plays, and there’s a weekly surprise for everyone. Recently a guest speaker plopped a big white pillowcase on the table, inside which was his beloved African python. The smaller version of that was the speaker who brought her wiggly worm composter. Intersperse that with an Indonesian political prisoner, a diamond miner, Montreal student strikers, local filmmakers and philosophers, and you get a good idea of why our numbers keep growing. Open Door enables us to discover hidden facets of ourselves by coming in contact with unfamiliar elements of our community.

It’s the diversity of people that makes Open Door exciting: our members span from ages 20 to 80, come from all backgrounds and livelihoods, and represent Canada from BC to Newfoundland and beyond. Whether you like to dig in and debate or sit back and muse, people rarely come to Open Door just once. We’re in the eleventh year of being one of the most exciting places to spend a Tuesday night in Montreal. Open Door is a solid example of the power and beauty of Restorative Justice that flies in the face of our country’s sharp shift to the right.

Open Door Coordinator

The best Tuesday night in Montreal is downtown at Open Door

There is something for everyone and everyone is welcome at Open Door; you can just show up! No need to phone or commit, just come and see what we do. You’ll meet interesting people and spend a cool Tuesday evening.

Time:     Every Tuesday night 7-9 p.m.

Place:    1444 Union Street, across the street from The Bay (McGill Metro)

Open Door runs 51 weeks a year; it’s only closed the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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  1. November 20, 2015

    Nils Christie
    With great sadness we learned that on 27 May, 2015, Nils Christie unexpectedly passed away at the age of 87.
    Nils Christie was one of the most important independent criminological thinkers and an icon of the restorative justice movement. His epoch-making works “Conflicts as Property“ (1977) and “Limits to Pain” (1981) have become influential texts of restorative justice.
    With the death of Nils Christie the European Forum for Restorative also lost a friend. We were honoured to have him as one of the key note speakers at our conference in Helsinki in 2012. His particular way of story telling is still in the hearts of the participants. He was loved by many scholars in the world. It is a big loss.
    The European Forum for Restorative Justice will continue to honour his memory and work.

    In Norway and in other scandinavian countries communuties are safer and recidivism rages between 18-24%, as oppose to our north american standards of 48-62%.

    What is needed ,here… is a more miitant approach to rj.

  2. March 19, 2018

    Thanks for the Info

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