Our Steering Committee

Peter is not only Chairman of the Steering Committee and Coordinating Chaplain of Communitas, but he serves as a prison chaplain, now based at the Federal Training Centre (FTC) in Laval. Peter also visits other institutions in the region to ensure that prisoners returning to the community are aware ofCommunitas. Peter is Coordinator of Communitas-CoSA Project.

P-2 In-Reach Program Coordinator

Marie is a life-long restorative justice activist who leads Communitas P-2 In-Reach Program. Marie continues to organize visits to remote institutions, such as La Macaza and sits on the newly formed Canadian Council of Restorative Justice Consortium (CCRJC). Marie was the first honoree of the Rev. Canon Peter Huish Award of Merit for her work with prisoners.

Community Building Workshop Facilitator

Margaret is a trained Community Building Workshop facilitator who leads Communitas’s program of workshops throughout the year. Margaret attends weekly Chapel gatherings at the Federal Training Centre (FTC) in Laval and without her coordinating, prisoners would not have trained escorts to accompany them to our Open Door meetings. Margaret sits on the Editorial Board of The Sou’Wester and was honored in 2010 with the Rev. Canon Peter Huish Award of Merit for her dedicated work.

Communitas-CoSA Project, Data Coordinator

Anouk is responsible for liaison between Communitas-CoSA-Project and the Steering Committee and ensures that all performance data is provided to the National CoSA Multi-Site Demonstration Project. Anouk is a member of a number of Communitas’s Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA’s).

Open Door Coordinator / Communitas-CoSA Project Bookkeeper

Jeri is an 8-year member of Communitas who currently holds the roles of Open Door Coordinator and Communitas-CoSA Project Bookkeeper. Jeri is an accredited Corrections Canada (CSC) Core Trainer and Security Escort and leads new volunteers through the maze of becoming a CSC Certified Volunteer. Her leading role at Open Door meetings has resulted in the success of Communitas’s pivotal program.

Communitas Bookkeeper

As Communitas’s Bookkeeper, Gabrielle is responsible for “keeping the books’, and setting and adhering to the annual budget in collaboration with the Steering Committee. Gabrielle is also on the Open Door Committee assisting Jeri, and a member of the Editorial Board for the The Sou’Wester newsletter.

Communitas Administrative Assistant

Paula is Communitas’s Administrative Assistant running the Communitas office, maintaining contact and email lists, fulfills all administrative duties, and prepares all Communitas publications. She is the Editor of The Sou’Wester newsletter. Paula is a Certified CSC Escort for both Montée St. Francois (ESMF) and Federal Training Centre (FTC) institutions and sits on a circle with the CoSA-Project.

Resource Person

Michèle has given many hours of volunteer service to Communitas from its beginnings.  She sits on number of Circles, attends Open Door regularly, participates in the weekly Chapel gatherings at the Federal Training Centre (FTC) and is a member of the Volunteer and Fundraising Committees. Michèle is also a member of the Editorial Board for The Sou’Wester newsletter and was voted the winner of the 2012 Rev. Canon Peter Huish Award of Merit by our community.

Resource Person

Barry is a member of our Steering Committee who has benefitted from Communitas’s services and programs. His success is an encouragement to us and he is a valuable source of expertise in guiding our efforts. Barry currently sits on the Fundraising Committee and Volunteer Coordination.

Honorary Treasurer

Mark, the latest addition to our Steering Committee, is a Chartered Accountant and serves as Treasurer for Communitas and Communitas-CoSA Project. Mark brings to us not only competence in financial management but a passion for justice.


Prison Chaplain

Tim is a member of the Communitas Steering Committee and he assist the Chaplain Coordinator in overall coordination of Communitas.  He serves as Chaplain at Cowansville Institution.


Volunteer Coordinator

Vanessa has volunteered with Communitas for several years and now sits on the Steering Committee as Volunteer Coordinator. She attends Open Door regularly, participates in weekly Chapel gatherings at the Federal Training Centre (FTC) and is a member of a Communitas-CoSA.



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