Person to Person Inreach Program

31 May, 2012

Communitas inherited P2 when Marie Beemans joined us some 11 years ago. Marie was a prime mover in P2 (Person to Person) which through the dedication of a handful of people ensured that some of the most isolated prisoners had regular visits.

The ‘person-to-person’ focus has shifted slightly (given much more strict CSC rules about volunteering with those under sentence) but the objective remains, of facilitating visits for those who otherwise have no visits, particularly in more remote institutions, and Marie is both the example and the organizer for this part of our mission.

In collaboration with CEJC (Conseil des eglises pour la justice et la criminologie) Marie now coordinates three community visits per year at La Macaza Institution, on each occasion taking a busload of community members, both francophone and anglophone, to spend the day with long-sentence men who have no other visitors.

At the present time, we are beginning a programme of visits with selected, high-needs men who are perhaps as far from the community as it is possible to be in CSC, in Canada’s ‘Supermax’ prison, the Special Handling Unit in the St. Anne des Plaines Complex. If arrangements can be completed, we hope to make an overdue 2-day visit to Port Cartier Institution in 2013.

Communitas Volunteers visit Port Cartier Institution March 8th

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