The Open Door

20 Jul, 2013

Thanks to Pam Dillion

Friends are made
New bonds are formed
When you walk through the open door
Young and old we come
From everywhere under the sun
From every experience of life
Our paths intersecting
Our truths reinforcing
Our words encouraging
The mystery of our lives related
The richness of our loves celebrated
The other side of the open door.

There’s talk of hope through the open door
Dreams often crushed but long matured
Are given wings again
Old barriers thrust aside
And hopes long denied
Find voice again
When you meet at the open door.

There’s a peace that’s lived through the open door
Where there’s been harm and hurt
And anger and strife
And life been scarred and violated
Acceptance and forgiveness wash out the stain
Love flows again
When we share behind the open door.

There’s many a laugh through the open door
A greeting given, a name spoken
An old friend welcomed home
Good memories revived
Where the coffee’s strong and the snacks well served
Hearts breathe again
Souls revive again
You can carry on again
Having walked through the open door.

There’s things to be learned at the open door
A passion shared
A hobby aired
Bread making, skate boarding
Life in the North country
Our lives rich in variety
Our cares, our piety
All mingle at the open door.

There’s a face missing at the open door
A fear awakens, dark thoughts revive
Concern written on every face
But the pain is shared
No prayer un-spared
No name forgotten
Once you’ve walked through the open door.
Lord, make my heart an open door.

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  1. July 20, 2013


    These are beautiful words. How true they are.


    Laura Lorenzetti

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