Communitas Participatory Budgeting 2020 — And the Winners are!


We brainstormed, we weeded, and finally, we voted. Communitas members were given $1500 to allocate to proposed projects in 2020-2021 and here are the winning projects.  Thank you to everyone who participated at each stage of the process.   Stayed tuned for more news about these projects.

  1. Host two budgeting workshops at Open Door ($150): the ACEF (Association coopérative d’économie familiale) will help us to evaluate our consumption choices, control debt, create healthy budgeting habits, and avoid traps of consumption.
  2. Prepare a token of appreciation for our host, Christ Church Cathedral ($400). They have hosted Open Door for free for years! We want ideas for a creative way to thank them.
  3. Host computer and tech workshops ($150): pay a techie to help members unravel the mysteries of computers, tablets and cellphones, navigate the web, use software and remain safe online
  4. Create a pick-up service ($200) for our members leaving prison and drive them to their destination
  5. Host a community BBQ for our members ($200)
  6. Host a day of creativity at The Art Hive ($150). They have all the art supplies that you can imagine.
  7. Hire a professional artist to lead an art project at Open Door ($200). This could be visual arts, performance art, theatrical arts, musical art or others.