• Welcome to Communitas (formerly MSCM)

    Welcome to Communitas (formerly MSCM)

    Communitas uses restorative justice principles to assist the reintegration of those who have been in prison.  By assisting reintegration, Communitas works to reduce recidivism thereby enhancing community safety.  We enjoy the support of Correctional Service Canada (CSC), Montreal Community Chaplaincy (Aumô...

  • Communitas CoSA

    Communitas CoSA

    Since introducing Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) to Quebec in 2000, Communitas has accompanied dozens of men using the Circle model, to the considerable benefit of all, those being accompanied in their safe reintegration, volunteers, and our larger community. Under the name of MSCM CoSA P...

  • Open Door

    Open Door

    What is Open Door? You could say it’s a place to chill, to forget about the rest of your day, a good temporary absence from prison or a chance to get out of the halfway house. Or you could be more formal and say it’s a reintegration activity where inmates who are nearing the end of their sentence and thos...

  • Volunteers: The Generation of Inspiration

    Volunteers: The Generation of Inspiration

    The transition from prison life to life in the community is a difficult one and offenders benefit from the support they receive from Communitas volunteers. Community support is one of the primary factors for ex-offenders successfully reintegrating and maintaining a crime-free lifestyle. Students, professio...

  • Restorative Justice

    Restorative Justice

    Justice Storytelling Quilt, Meaghan O’Shea and the Church Council on Justice and Corrections (2005) What is Restorative Justice? Restorative Justice is a non-adversarial, non-retributive approach to justice that emphasizes healing in victims, meaningful accountability of offenders and the involvement of c...

  • Community Building within Communitas

    Community Building within Communitas

    Following the initiative of Dr. Bob Roberts, the founder of Project Return in Louisiana, in offering community building experience in a Louisiana prison, we have offered to date four community building workshops in local CSC institutions.  Dr. Bob Roberts served as a facilitator in the first of these at Cowa...

  • Person to Person Inreach Program

    Person to Person Inreach Program

    Communitas inherited P2 when Marie Beemans joined us some 11 years ago. Marie was a prime mover in P2 (Person to Person) which through the dedication of a handful of people ensured that some of the most isolated prisoners had regular visits. The ‘person-to-person’ focus has shifted slightly (given muc...


Open Door

The Sou'Wester

Communitas Sou'wester Newsletter Summer 2018

Communitas Sou'wester Newsletter Summer 2018

Read  the latest edition of the Sou’Wester, Communitas’ grassroots newsletter on criminal justice and prisoner reintegration…


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