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Table Talk is back on the Communitas menu of activities


Communitas is very pleased to announce that after 2 1/2 years, Table Talk returned Friday, June 17 – albeit at a new site in our offices at the Undercroft.

A small gathering of some ten persons enjoyed a lunch of pizza, salad, cinnamon rolls and doughnuts, with tea, coffee and juices, and lots and lots of conversation.

We welcomed first-timers to Table Talk together with people not seen in the years since COVID shut the Friday lunchtime activity down, and oldtimers seen every week at Open Door.

The new space worked well – with a more spacious kitchen in which to work, and we look forward greatly to welcoming others in the weeks to come.

Table Talk won’t be held during the long weekends of St. Jean Baptiste and Canada Day, but will be back the following Friday, July 8, from 12 noon to 1.30 pm. Send an email to if you plan to attend.

All are welcome!

Open Door – From the Inside Out – A book celebrating 20 years


Communitas celebrated  20 years of Open Door with the publication of a book entitled Open Door: From the Inside Out, which contains more than 100 interviews with a variety of people who have attended Open Door over the 20 years, as well as other articles and photographs that illustrate this unique activity.

The book is available for purchase for $20 (softcover version) or $35 (hardcover version). Send an email requesting the book to Payment may be made using our online donation page:

Remembering Douglas Barnes

Communitas members, friends, co-workers and family members gathered on the slopes of Mount Royal Sunday, March 20, 2022, to celebrate the life of Douglas Barnes. He was 62.
Dougie, as he was popularly known, passed away peacefully on January 9th, 2022. A circle, led by Indigenous Elder Tom Dearhouse, heard of how this quiet man touched the hearts of those who gathered. They included his sister, cousin and brother-in-law.
Doug was known for his striking artwork, especially of a bear and an eagle that draws from his traditional beliefs.
He will be truly missed.
The Eagle by Douglas Barnes

Communitas’ Open Door is back to in-person meetings

After a two-year absence, Open Door was back to in-person meetings at Fulford Hall. Fifteen members gathered on March 22nd while another fifteen dropped by virtually on Zoom to hear McGill University Pathy Fellow Joel Grant discuss his work of collaborating with the Indigenous Health Professions Program at McGill to create indigenous storytelling science activities. Grant, a Metis from Alberta, had just completed his Masters of Chemical Engineering at McGill. He has a passion for creating AI art that draws on his heritage as an influence.
Open Door meets every Tuesday evening.

Take part in an independent fundraiser for Communitas on February 24, 2022


It’s the virtual watch party on the Food Chain that will be shown on February 24 at 7 PM EST, $5.00 a person, and proceeds go to Communitas. Thanks to Kelly from Completely Inclusive.

Food Chains – Fundraiser Virtual Watch Party

Hosted by Completely Inclusive, this documentary viewing fundraiser aims to educate and entertain. Held monthly and in support of local nonprofits, we explore topics of race, class, sex, and more intersectional topics. Click here to sign up:

About the film

This call to arms documentary details the questionable ethics of the food supply industry, pointing out the power of huge supermarket chains to dictate low wages and inhumane labour conditions for farmworkers in the United States.  See the trailer:


Open Door – From the Inside Out – Reader Reviews

I found the book was fantastically done with the way it was put together and the different articles running through
it.  I experienced such joyOpen Door Book cover to read how some of the guys and volunteers I knew were doing and how it was written with such authenticity.  I had a hard time putting the book down;  I also enjoyed and was touched by the stories of the people I did not know…..
Thanks again…

What a wonderful book you have produced. I opened it and was immediately enthralled. I read the first 41 pages before reluctantly going back to office work. Thank you so much. I will certainly be sending a donation to support your wonderful work. Congratulations on a book which is both a joy to look at and to read.

What a nice surprise to receive this great book! Thank you so much and congratulations for all the accomplishments in the last 20 years. You make a huge impact in bringing goodness and hope for humanity!

M. C.

I was given a copy for Christmas and the book is so fabulous. Congratulations. I will take two more copies please.  I made mention of it in my letter for the New Year, because quite frankly, it is one of the most beautiful examples of the power of people, to create restorative justice conversations in their own communities. All the best.



Remembering Douglas Barnes


January 12, 2022

It is with great regret that we announce the passing earlier this week of Douglas Barnes, a longstanding and valued member of the Communitas community.

Douglas Barnes was involved with Communitas in one way or another for some twenty years.  He was a talented artist, and two of hisThe Eagle by Douglas Barnes paintings grace the walls of the Communitas office – Two Bears and The Eagle.

He was a hardworking man who worked in construction, installing drywall and doing carpentry and other related work.  No matter how ill he might have been – it was very difficult to get Dougie to stop and take a break.

Apart from his art, another passion in his life was his Mustang motorcar!  Doug was determined over the years that he would buy a Mustang – and sure enough he did, and it was his pride and joy.

Doug attended Open Door infrequently – often not able to make it due to his work schedule.  However, whenever he came, he would sit quietly near a corner and just enjoy the evening.  Many people would seek him out during the break to catch up and have a chat.  For someone so talented he was a very modest man. He also attended many Table Talk activities.

He will be missed – most keenly by those in Communitas with whom he shared a close friendship.

Information about a memorial service for Doug will be released soon.

RIP Doug.

One of Doug’s creations was The Eagle, which can be seen above.  A limited print edition of this artwork is available through Communitas for $50 plus shipping.  Monies raised will go to Doug’s estate.   If you are interested in obtaining a print, please send an email to

Open Door 20th Anniversary Book Launch a Success


Communitas is pleased to announce that we had an excellent book launch on Tuesday evening, December 21. It was perfect weather for an indoor-outdoor book launch and everybody was excited to see themselves in such a colourful publication.

Over the 2 hours of the event, people came and went, stopping to chat with others they had not seen it seemed like forever, and marvelling at how wonderful the book was.  Such an achievement to celebrate our twenty years of Open Door!

With everyone being masked, and no more than 10 allowed at any one time in the Rotunda, folks congregated outside in the square to catch up, some circulating back into the Rotunda to warm up when space allowed.

A great time was had by all, and already orders for seventy books have been processed.

Anyone who missed the official launch but wishing to pick up a book or two after the holidays can contact the office where staff will be available to assist.

A map is attached for our office in the Promenades de la Cathedrale at 625 St. Catherine Street West. The entrance (very important) is on the corner of Robert-Bourassa. Take the stairs (not the escalator) because halfway down is our office in the Undercroft (La Voûte amicale).

This is a pay-what-you-can fundraiser and we are suggesting a contribution of $20. We will be accepting cash, cheque, and e-donation via our website.

Thank you for contributing to the Open Door 20th anniversary book.

Directions to the Communitas office in the Undercroft 2021