Communitas and COVID 19


After much discussion, consultation, and reflection, the Communitas Board of Directors has reluctantly decided to suspend all Open Door, Table Talk, and other Communitas activity temporarily as a preventative measure against the COVID 19 Virus spread, in line with what government and public health officials are requesting.

Social distancing, which is an essential tool in the fight against the virus, greatly limits Communitas as we carry out our mission of creating community.  For the next while, Communitas will use social media and other forms to stay in touch with our members.

Communitas is looking into how social media can best be used to protect that sense of belonging we have always endeavoured to foster amongst our members.  More information will soon follow.

If you wish to be notified by email of all developments, please email or call the office: 514-244-6147.

We thank you for your understanding.