Open Door 20th Anniversary Book Launch a Success


Communitas is pleased to announce that we had an excellent book launch on Tuesday evening, December 21. It was perfect weather for an indoor-outdoor book launch and everybody was excited to see themselves in such a colourful publication.

Over the 2 hours of the event, people came and went, stopping to chat with others they had not seen it seemed like forever, and marvelling at how wonderful the book was.  Such an achievement to celebrate our twenty years of Open Door!

With everyone being masked, and no more than 10 allowed at any one time in the Rotunda, folks congregated outside in the square to catch up, some circulating back into the Rotunda to warm up when space allowed.

A great time was had by all, and already orders for seventy books have been processed.

Anyone who missed the official launch but wishing to pick up a book or two after the holidays can contact the office where staff will be available to assist.

A map is attached for our office in the Promenades de la Cathedrale at 625 St. Catherine Street West. The entrance (very important) is on the corner of Robert-Bourassa. Take the stairs (not the escalator) because halfway down is our office in the Undercroft (La Voûte amicale).

This is a pay-what-you-can fundraiser and we are suggesting a contribution of $20. We will be accepting cash, cheque, and e-donation via our website.

Thank you for contributing to the Open Door 20th anniversary book.

Directions to the Communitas office in the Undercroft 2021