Open Door Spiritual Moment by Bill , September 26, 2023, to mark National Truth and Reconciliation Week

At first, I was going to show a video on intergenerational trauma, but the more I thought about it, I felt we just needed to talk.
I had a recent conversation with my friend Jerrod where he stated that before we get to the reconciliation part, we need to hear the truth. Thank you, Jerrod, for such meaningful words. I was listening today to a webinar with Jesse Wente, an indigenous arts journalist and current head of the Canada Arts Council, and he also talked about the truth part of truth and reconciliation. He said it isn’t only listening to the truth but accepting the truth. Only then will you open the pathway to reconciliation. He said it may still take generations to get there. But at least the journey has started.
What can we do? Get informed and listen.
Here is the video mentioned above.
Thinking about acts of reconciliation?  Here are some ideas to start with:
National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation