Take part in an independent fundraiser for Communitas on February 24, 2022


It’s the virtual watch party on the Food Chain that will be shown on February 24 at 7 PM EST, $5.00 a person, and proceeds go to Communitas. Thanks to Kelly from Completely Inclusive.

Food Chains – Fundraiser Virtual Watch Party

Hosted by Completely Inclusive, this documentary viewing fundraiser aims to educate and entertain. Held monthly and in support of local nonprofits, we explore topics of race, class, sex, and more intersectional topics. Click here to sign up: https://kinema.com/events/food-chains-fundraiser-virtual-watch-party-ihcstm

About the film

This call to arms documentary details the questionable ethics of the food supply industry, pointing out the power of huge supermarket chains to dictate low wages and inhumane labour conditions for farmworkers in the United States.  See the trailer: https://youtu.be/bna0zC4szVs